Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eight to Take It! K-Dramas Location Tour

e.i.g.h.t. DAYS t.o. GO

KTO has been successful in promoting K-drama filming locations - this is one of the touristy things to do in South Korea. As part of my countdown to my 10-day-solo trip to South Korea, i'd surely visit the location of my 8 favorite K-Dramas (some of which were aired in ABS-CBN). 

8. A Gentleman's Dignity

Location: Hongdae Park

..there's a lot to do in hongdae - shopping, watch the street performers, blend with the younger crowd and perhaps some caricature

7. The First Shop of Coffee Prince
Poster from
Location:  Tiramisu Coffee Prince 

I'd visit one of the locations of the drama in Hongdae which is known as "Tiramisu Coffee Prince" and not the one at the uphill based on bloggers' experiences of too costly coffee and not so friendly staff.

Map to the original Coffee Prince and the other location setground
6. He's Beautiful

 Location: Myeongdong Cathedral

I am scheduled to attend the weekday mass in the Cathedral on my first day in South Korea.

5.  Boys Over Flowers

Location: Artinus Farmer's Table in Heyri Art Village

                                    This served as Shinwa High School's sophisticated cafe.

4.  Personal Taste

Location: Bukchon Hanok Village

3. Princess Hours
Location: Teddy Bear Museum, Jungmun Resort Complex, Jeju Island

2. Sungkyukwan Scandal
Location: Sungkyukwan University

Confucius Hall inside Sungkyukwan University
1. My Girl
Location: Jeju Island (Episode 1)

Seongsan Sunrise Peak
Will see if I can take a picture exactly the same with some scenes from these K-dramas. Good luck to me! :=) 

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