Monday, March 4, 2013

My 10-Day-Solitary-Travel to South Korea

Countdown to my 10-day-solo-travel to South Korea.. it's a nine-month project and been my dream to do - to travel S.O.L.O.

I'd been to South Korea last May 2010 with my friends and since then I got fascinated of the beautiful country.  Many named it as Europe of Asia.  I've been longing to stay longer (either travel, work or "study") abroad (for independence) but haven't had the opportunity. Been to KL, Malaysia for two weeks alone for business trips but that was a different experience - I had my most preferential treatments from business class flight to the grandest accommodation and daily Mercedez service to the office - i wanted to do it on my own.  How will i survive, how will i mingle with the locals and tourists like me and how will i go whatever the circumstances are.

march 13,2013 - i will board the plane that will bring me to my chosen destination to travel solo - south korea!

Dotted my destinations in South Korea

As my 10-day countdown, here's my 10-day-itinerary:

Day 1 -  March 14
  • KBS Exhibition Hall - Working for the number 1 broadcasting company in the Philipppines, ABS-CBN, I want to experience how KBS conduct their studio tours. Perhaps, I could bring something to share with my colleagues in Studio Tours.
  •  Hello Kitty Cafe - I'm not a fan of a famous feline character but many of my friends are. How about having my brunch here?
  • Samcheongdong/Bukchon Hanok Village - I stayed my last night in a traditional house in May 2010 but was not able to tour around the village.  I read from some blogs that there are around 9 spots best for photo.
  • Insadong Ssamziegil - I'm fond of artsy stuff from pen, papers, clips, etc and Insadong is the best place to roam around.
  • Myeongdong Cathedral - I was not able to visit the church during my first visit to Seoul.  So on my solo travel, I will attend their afternoon service.
Day 2 - March 15
  • Seoraksan National Park - In 2010, I attempted to chase Spring in South Korea. This year I will chase Winter, the unmelted snow at the north of South Korea, Sokcho.  It's a 3-hour trip via bus from Seoul and might be a good chance to enjoy the scenery along the way.  I read that Seoraksan is known as Snow Mountain so I collected some winter gears and clothes and might try to hike as well.
Day 3 - March 16
  • Universities In Seoul - Saturday is Hongdae Free Market, it's near Hongik University. I plan to go back to school for graduate studies but haven't had the chance to find time. I'm curious what universities look like in Seoul plus want to observe how students are. So I will do some loitering in Sungkyukwan University and Ehwa Women's University.
  • Heyri Art Village and Province Village - It's 2-hour-bus-trip from Seoul and known as European Village.  I've been planning and saving for Europe Trip and a visit to this themed-like village might worth it!
Day 4 - March 17

It's my birthday! And I'm flying to Jeju Island - first stop is to hear mass at Seogwipo Church and then will tour the whole world at Soingook Theme Park!  Then I will eat at the famous black pork BBQ of Jeju with Korea's traditional seaweed soup for birthday's celeb.

Day 5 - March 18

It's Jungmun Tourist Complex Day and K-Drama Locations Tour! Will see the famous Teddy Bear Museum (of Princess Hours), Holland Windmill at Lotte Hotel (of Secret Garden),   Odolgae Rock (of Jumong) and Seeas Hotel ( of Boys Over Flowers) and many of the famous spots in Jungmun.

Day 6 - March 19

A day of adventure again for me! I will cross the ocean for a 15-minute ferry ride from Jeju to Udo Island where I can either see the whole island with a bike, scooter or ATV in just 2 hours!  Will definitely try their famous peanut ice cream.

Day 7 - March 20

It's Busan Day! Will be flying thru Air Busan from Jeju to Busan.  And the best way to see most of Busan? - Busan City Tour!

Day 8 - March 21

Hope to see the start of Spring at the Cherry Blossom province of South Korea - Jinhae! It will be a half-day tour as I'll be spending the afternoon for shopping at Nampo-Dong and in Guinness World Record's largest Department Store in the world, Shinsegae Centum City. 

Day 9 - March 22

It's another travel experience! Will take the most fastest train from Busan to Seoul - KTX!
I'm fond of train travel and this will be the best!  Will splurge a little in my accommodation at YMCA which is located at the vicinity in Myeongdong for my shopping spree!  It's time to buy all those pre-orders.  It's business with pleasure day!

Day 10, March 23

Wrapping up my 10-day trip with relaxing tour along  Hangang Park and perhaps - more shopping???

There you countdown to the B.I.G. Day!!

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