Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucky Nine: My "A Must Do" List in South Korea

Nine days to go and I'll be off to South Korea for my 10 days solo travel.

I've been to South Korea in Year 2010 and had been to the places that I'd wanted to see before.  It was different because I was travelling then with my friends.  This time, I'd like to do some things alone.

Below are my bucket list of things to do, to see and to try in my 10 days in South Korea:

1. Biking at Hangang Park 
       - I really love to bike but don't have the time and the venue to do it here in Manila with my schedule at work and other activities during weekend - or just simply being lazy to do it!.  On my trip to Seoul, I'd like to experience how it is to bike along Hangang River. 

2. Ride an ATV or Scooter in Udo Island
     -  This is an island accessible via 15-minute ferry ride from Jeju.  You can stroll around the island thru ATV, Scooter or Bike. Depending on your preferential speed, you can tour the island in less than an hour.

3. Jjilmibang in Busan Hauendae Spa
     - Korean-style spa where people of all ages who freely and "shamelessly" roam around as if being naked in public is o.k.a.y! I'm not sure if I can do that but will see (there's a choice to loiter around with the set of shirt and shorts anyways.

4. Have my caricature at Hongdae Free Market
     - Hongdae's Free Market is the home for art students of Hongik University on Saturdays. I'll check if I can get my own caricature from a Korean art student. :)

5. Try the shortest "Olle Trail" in Jeju
     - Jeju is known for "Olle" or trails of different routes depending on your preference or rather physical strenght.  I'll check if I can handle the 3-hour-trail. Might as well have some warm-ups before the trip! :-)

6. Climb to the Fortress of Seoraksan National Park
     - I might take a cable car up but I think there are 800+ steps up to the top of Mt. Seoraksan.  However, my main aim is to see the unmelted snow at Mt. Seoraksan also known  as, "Snow Mountain".

7.  Have my afternoon tea at Insa-dong
     - Known as the most traditional village in Seoul where culture is preserved, I'd like to enter one of the boutiques and have my afternoon tea while observing the artwork of some artists, or people watching.

8. Wear hanbok at Myeongdong Tourist Center
     - KTO offers tourist the experience to wear Korea's hanbok. I might as well try it myself. 

9. Try the complete Korean meal
     - Though I'm not a fan of Korean cuisine, I might as well try one to complete my experience.

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