Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Spent Five Days in Kota Kinabalu

My most laid-back trip with more time shopping of Vincci shoes than touring but still at the end of the trip, i brought home another memorable experience that will forever be part of my life book, another pages of my travel diaries were filled with memories, new scrapbook for my photos and souvenirs, more magnets and shot glass to my collections. Most of all, another discovery and experience that proved how beautiful and amazing are the creations of God.

Check the link for each day's itinerary for the complete blog. 

Day 1: First Glimpse of Kota Kinabalu

15:40     ETD Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)
17:45     ETA - Kota Kinabalu International Airport
18:30     Check-In at City Lodge
19:30     Dinner at Sri Melaka Resto
21:00     Quick Shopping at Suriah Sabah

My first trip to Kota Kinabalu was also my first time to fly via Clark International Airport (also known as Diosdado Macapagal International Airport).  Check my blog how to get there.

We arrived late afternoon in KK so we just spent our first night looking for a good place to have our first taste of Malaysian's culinary and found in accident, Suriah Sabah, haven of  Vincci's.

Check more how I enjoyed my first day in Kota Kinabalu.

Day 2: Kota Kinabalu Wind, Sea, Sun and Sand
05:30     Wake Up Call
06:30     Morning walkathon to Jesseltown Ferry Point
07:30     Arrived Jesseltown Ferry Point
08:15     Parasailing at Jesseltown Ferry Point area
10:00     Island Hopping 1st Stop - Sapi Island
13:00     Island Hopping 2nd Stop - Manukan Island
15:00     Island Hopping 3rd Stop - Mamutik Island
17:00     Back to City Lodge for quick rest
18:00     Warisan Square Shopping
20:30     Dinner @ Little Italy
22:30     Back to City Lodge

I labeled our second day in KK as the Wind, Sea, Sun and Sand adventure as we spent most of the day with nature and fueled more adventurous blood in our veins.  

First was our parasailing adventure where I found it so much fun that I wanted to do it again. Check my post here

Then, we spent the rest of the day island hopping at three of the five islands of KK Marine Park. Check my post here.

Day 3: Explore More of Sabah, Malaysia

05:30     Wake Up Call
07:00     Pick-up by Tourist Guide
08:00     Whole day tour
     1. View Deck - Mt. Kinabalu
     2. Falls View - Mt. Kinabalu
     3. Kinabalu Park
     4. Canopy Walk
     5. Hot Spring
     6. Suspension Bridge
     7. One Borne Mall
     8. Warisan Square Mall
20:00     Back to City Lodge

On our third day in Sabah, we hired a van with the driver/tour guide to explore outside of Kota Kinabalu and see more of Sabah, Malaysia.  I shared my post here how the country has a feel of Philippines as well.

Day 4:  More of Kota Kinabalu City Tour (Do-It-Yourself)

08:00     Wake Up Call
09:00     Breakfast at Vietnamese Mint Peppermint
10:00     Start of our DIY Tour
     1. Atkinson Clock Tower
     2. Sabah Tourism Board
     3. Sabah Museum
     4. Heritage Village
     5. State Mosque
     6. City Mosque
     7. Menara Tum Mustafah
     8. Sabah State Assembly
     9. Central Market
     10. KK Plaza
18:00     Back to City Lodge
19:00     Dinner at Sugarbun Coffee
20:00     Late Shopping Suriah Sabah

On our fourth day in KK, we explored the mosques, museums and some of the famous landmarks comprising Kota Kinabalu in our do-it-your-own itinerary.  Watch out for my post here.

Day 5: Last Glimpse of KK (Departure)

05:30     Wake Up Call
07:00     Fisherman's Wharf
08:00     Coffee at Borneo's Coffee
09:00     Signal Hill
11:00     Check-out City Lodge
13:40     ETD- KKIA
15:40     ETA-Clark
18:00     Arrival - Manila

We wrapped up our Kota Kinabalu trip by hiking up the Signal hill at early morning and had my American breakfast at Borneo's Coffee.

Kota Kinabalu Tour Joiners
Travel Dates: August 2011
Anna (IT Planner), Joan (Treasurer/"Forex Converter"), Vivian (Key Keeper) and Claire (Navigator with Anna)


Anonymous said...

How much did it all cost? Can you give an estimate?

cath marzan said...

No day 4 yet ? Was hoping to see your post since im travelling this april

Anonymous said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your posts. You are really a traveler. I was looking for an itinerary for kota kinabalu then i have come across with your itinerary. I want to know how much have you spent for that travel?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Nicky. I'm gonna go to KK in August with the fambam (3 teens, 7 adults and one granny) and will stay there for only 4 days... which among your 5 days should i MISS and still get a good time?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Nicky. I'm gonna go to KK in August with the fambam (3 teens, 7 adults and one granny) and will stay there for only 4 days... which among your 5 days should i MISS and still get a good time?

Wanderer Claire said...

Hi Nicky! Technically, our trip was 4 full days so it depends on your flight details. However, if you ask for my suggestion, here it is:

Day 1: KK Marine Park (also known as island hopping)
Day 2: Outside KK tour (you should hire a van on this as the travel time may take one whole day - you may refer to my itinerary on this)
Day 3: City Tour (you can literally tour around KK in just one day.

Hope it helps! Enjoy your trip with your family! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm Vicky. I'm travelling to KK on december 2014 with 5 adukts and 1 senior citizen.
(1) I would like to know how much is the rent for the van for the whole day with the tour guide and the whole tour as a whole during your Jesselton and isalnd hopping?

(2) how did you go around the city tour (Do it yourself). Did u get a taxi, a train or rent a van?

Do you think a healthy 70 year old would be able to catch up with your tour itinerary? Coz ur itinerary seems exciting and full, no time wasted.

I really enjoyed your posts and stories. Hope to hear from you soon.

liza loraine lopez said...

Hi I find your post about KK helpful. May i know how much the whole trip cost you. Thanks

Frankcess said...

Been to Kota Kinabalu too.. and it's great there! Affordable food, accommodation, etc! Here's our experience: