Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jumpshot: A Must Travel Photo

my signature travel shot - jumpshot!
along with my travel souvenirs, from magnets to shot glass to stickers to dolls, i should have my jumpshot.

i started my signature jump shot in year 2008 from my laoag trip although i started traveling in year 2006. it all started after reading Bianca Gonzales blog who always had her "tumbling shots" taken from her travels. she has the confidence and the guts to jump or what she called "tumbling shot" at the middle of the frozen lake, abandoned airport runway or even at the front of the parliamentary house and other places around the world. i can't do the cartwheel but then i'm happy with my own signature jump shot.
and it's getting better and better though. :-)

i have a good number of jump shots from my travels here in the Philippines and some countries in Asia and the fact that it took a lot of camera clicks, aching foot sole and palpitating heartbeat before i get the very good shot, it is worth a memory to remember..

inspired from Bianca's blog, i listed down my top 10 jump shots too:)

at the center of gyeongbokgung palace, south korea

worn our royal guards costume, lea, joan and i took our jump shot at the center of the palace where tourists were resting from the sole-aching-tour around the palace..many tourists and passers-by just looked at us wondering what we were doing!! but after some shots, i think somehow they had fun watching us jumping and laughing. soon after i saw some tourists had their jumpshots too!
sand dunes, laoag

i was supposed to join the 5-day-north luzon trip but my role in the project implementation from my previous job did not allow me to take the leave earlier than scheduled..coming from the 10-hour road trip, i met my travel buddies in laoag and headed to sand dunes. we felt like kids running down the sand dunes which is also popular for the classic movies like "Panday". this is my first jumpshot! =)

in front of UPLB arts center with mangie

this is my most painful and difficult jumpshot ever! never thought i can do this!
it was an unplanned weekend get-away from the stressful work from my previous company in pansol, laguna. straight from the office, we arrived past twelve midnight and spent the rest of the night swimming, drinking, talking (including backbiting! haha) and videok-ing, it was a bonding time for all of us.
in front of one of the historical ruins in corregidor island

together with joan, anna and my, i had my first tour in the historical island of corregidor
this is the first time i had fun doing the jumpshot and the start of my Dream High album in Facebook
by the tinago falls, iligan

my highest jump ever amidst the slippery stone floor at the edge of the falls.
the more than hundred steps going down the falls and climbing up the steepest stairs were worth seeing this beautiful hidden paradise in mindanao

backdrop mt. kinabalu, kota kinabalu

kota kinabalu is my most laid-back travel but sabah malaysia fascinated me with their deep respect to its culture, nationalism and tradition. mt kinabalu is another God's creation and it always remind me that wherever i go, its not only the place that amazed me but also the people that i met or just "watch or observe".
at the entrance of underground river, puerto princesa, palawan

tourists(local & foreign) never thought i'd jumped for a photo on the created platform for ms. earth pageant while waiting for our turn to enter the underground river, one of the new seven wonders of nature.
another God's wonderful creation -the beautiful formations inside the underground river are the unimaginable art designed by nature.

by the bird's nest, beijing, china

at the midst of chilly and cool palm sunday, i had my jump shot taken!
the strong, spring wind that achingly soothed through my skin did not stop me from jumping even after several attempts of getting a good jump shot.

at one of the steps in Great Wall of China

it was dangerous, it was difficult but i should have my signature jump shot in one of the wonders of the world, great wall of china. being there and saw the different spring flowers like cherry blossom was already a dream come true. being able to climb up to the highest tower that our breath and soles can take was also a dream come true. and being able to see how the walls almost touch the sky and being able to wave to the moon who can see the great wall from above, was indeed a dream come true!

by the luli island in puerto princesa, palawan

as much as i endlessly admired the beauty of puerto princesa from the greenest and cleanest city to the most exotic cuisine and delicacies, this is my beautiful jump ever! not my usual signature jump shot and the whole trip was the most organized, relaxed and rejuvenating! 
it's more fun jumping in the philippines!

..as i travel more, i will work harder to jump around the world.

UPDATED: February 2016: Off from my bucketlist:

in my wish list to have my jump shot:
1. eiffel tower in paris
2. big ben in london
3. marlboro country, batanes
4. taj mahal india
5. santorini, greece
6. jeju island, south korea (fulfilled March 2013)
7. mayon volcano, albay
8. rockefeller center, new york
9. hogwarts universal studio hollywood (LA) took instead in Universal Studios Japan (Nov 2014)
10. mt. apo, davao

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