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South Korea Spring/Summer Trip: Everland Resort

Unexpectedly Beautiful!
After Kimchi Museum, we then made our way to the bus stop going to Everland Resort.

There are lot of theme and activity parks inside the Everland Resort -Everland Theme Park, Carribean Bay, Home Bridge, Glen Ross Golf Club and Hoam Art Museum and Transportation museum. Our main destination for the day is only Everland Theme Park

Ranked as the 4th theme park in the world, it opened in 1976 with a themepark, a zoo and various rides together with a world-class water park, Caribbean Bay. Carribean Bay is a separate ticket and most likely have to stay for a whole day so perhaps, on our next trip, we'll try that. 
the breath-taking and terrifying rides in Everland
Feels like we were in Alice Wonderland in Everland!
We felt like kids again at Everland!
From Seoul, there are two options in going to Everland:
1. Take Bus 5800 at Gangbyeon or Jamsil Stations on Subway Line 52
2. Take Bus 5002 at the bus stop in front of WhoRu store from Exit 6 of Gangnam Station on subway line 2.

We took the 2nd option. WhoRu store is quite small for a landmark with an arrays of large establishments along that street so just look for the bus stop where bus 5002 stops. We arrived past 2PM with travel time that took almost 1.5 hrs and can't remember the fare because we're using the T-money. When we arrived, I never thought it would be too crowded on a Thursday! I read from a blog that it was advisable to visit Everland on a weekday to avoid long queue but unfortunately, there were students from all levels having their fieldtrip.

Anyways, before going inside, we took Korean hotdog first. Entrance fee is KRW 33,000 each only because i got a discount by printing a discount coupon from their website. All foreign visitors are entitled for a KRW6,ooo discount for a group of up to four persons only. 
Am I in Holland?!
Enjoyed the fun, the magic and the lights from day to night at Everland!
Everland was celebrating 25th rose Festival during our trip so only there I saw not only different types of roses but other flowers too. Anyways, Everland claimed as the world of festivals. So from June-August, they celebrate "Summer Flash" with water parades during the day and musical performance during the night. September-October is a "Happy Halloween" with expected Ghosts' special party, of course. Come November-December, they have spectacular fireworks named as "Magic in the Sky", a beautiful Christmas tree and an extraordinary magic garden of course. I can only imagine the "Avatar-rose tree" will become a magical Christmas tree. And finally, March-April, they have Tulip Festival. Rose garden will turn into Tulip garden filled with spring fragrance. I will definitely go back in March!

Everland has five theme parks - Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European
Adventure and Zoo-Topia. We were able to go through the theme parks except Zoo-Topia because of tired feet and too much pictures =) but we tried some rides like skyway, bumpcars and the dragon coaster .
Global Fair has basically the souvenir shops, booths of different knick-knacks on the street and lots of resto.
American Adventure has the most thrilling rides such as Double Rock Spin which spinning made us scream too much although we were just watching. LOL. I sympathized with those young ones who tried it but I'm sure they had conquered their fears. We tried the Skyway ride anyways.
Magic Land has lots and lots of magical attraction and rides. This is where we saw the Avatar tree of roses.
European Adventure showcases Holland, Rose Garden and the only steepest, wooden roller coaster in the world, EXPRESS. God forbids but if I know I got a day to live, will ride that one! I like this themepark, anyways, because of Holland. Even if it is only a miniature of Holland in The Netherlands, I felt being there too. Europe is my dream destination!
Zoo-topia, is one of the reasons why I need to go back to South Korea because we missed to visit this one.
Our trip made it more memorable because of the Moonlight Parade and the breathtaking spectacle of light, flames and fireworks, Dream of Laciun.

The show ended at past 10PM so we needed to walk and run to the bus terminal to catch-up the last bus to Seoul. It was 11PM when the bus to Jamsil arrived . It was full already but we need to ride it or else we won't catch the last train back to Hongdae. The traffic is terrible even on highways and the 1.5hrs ride became 3 hrs!!! Too tired, my friends sat down the bus floor (this is something that we would never do here in Manila, ever!) but funny though, many Koreans followed us. They sat on the floor too! =)

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