Monday, July 23, 2012

South Korea: Hongdae Guesthouse

Room 701 brought back the memories of my college days living in a dormitory

our home away from home

i read from the blog that hongdae guesthouse got the best location in Seoul with the nearest MTR station and nearby tourist spots. Indeed, i made the right choice! as early as two months before our flight, i already made a reservation to ensure our accommodation in seoul. 

Getting there, we just took Airport Bus 6002 to Seoul and get off at the third stop, Hongdae.
It was very convenient because the building is just across the drop-off point.
Direction guide to Hongdae Guesthouse (photo from the hostel's website)
We arrived 11:18PM but I already arranged with Mary,the owner, that we were arriving late.  She was kind enough to wait for us.
arrived at past 11PM 
Hongdae guesthouse is a dormitory-type hostel advisable for backpackers and group/budget travelers like us and located at the centre of Hongik University.  We paid KRW23,000 (Php900.00) per night with breakfast of toasted bread, jam and coffee.  We were not able to avail one because of our amazing race-like itinerary.

From the lower ground (at the back of Dunkin' Donut), we took the lift to the 3rd floor to check-in.  After settling our accommodation, we took the lift to the 7th floor.  

Our room 710 is very spacious and well-ventilated with three double deck beds mounted each with heating pad, a personal computer with free internet and wi-fi, private bathroom with stylish shower room and washing machine, a water dispenser and gas stove though we did not have a chance to cook.  
the colorful blinds

heating pad
 The window blinds were very colorful and we got our own safety cabinet.  The heating pad served as our saviour for the chilly 13 degrees temperature.  We had to close the window to block the cold wind from coming into our room.
safety cabinet
We had a good stay at Hongdae Guesthouse! Mary even gave us souvenirs when we left.
Looking forward to stay again!


Halida A. said...

Hi :-) I was looking for a budget accommodation in Hongdae when I stumbled upon your blog.. May I ask you a question regarding Hongdae Guesthouse?
Did you book your room through their official website/ other websites like hostel world etc?
And do they provide laundry facility (it's not really clear since their website says they do, but others don't mention about it)
I need a place to stay in Hongdae area which has a female dorm & laundry facility~ thanks before :)) I'd really appreciate your answer

Wanderer Claire said...

Hi Halida!
I booked through their official website directly. I actually sent an email inquiry to Mary and she responded so quickly and even answered some of my queries. They do have washing machine there. We stayed in a 6-bedroom door and we have our own laundry machine but of course was not able to use it due to our very hectic itinerary. Goodluck to you! Hope you'll able to find a good place to stay in Hongdae.:-)

Qhris said...

Hi Halida :)

Very informative & love yr blog. Anyway do have Hongdae Guesthouse direct website or email? Been trying look for it but cant find :(

thanks ..nway i can be contacted at my email