Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Glimpse of Kota Kinabalu: The Land Below the Wind

We arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport at 5:45PM, 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. We went through Immigration clearing and checked out of the airport quickly.

landmark at Sabah Tourism Board
Kota Kinabalu is quite a charming and laid-back city.  It takes pride on its own culture, way of life and tradition.  Predominantly like the other 13 states of Malaysia, this capital of Sabah shows     their own distinct nationalism even though it is located in the Northern portion of the island of Borneo.  I was surprised to learn that this is known as the "The Land Below the Wind" because it is located just south of the typhoon-prone region around the Philippines.
"3-D" map at Sabah Tourism Board
It took only a 30-minute-drive from the airport to the central of KK City. We checked in at  City Park Lodge which I think has the most strategic location.  It is located along the arrays of stores and adjacent to nearby pubs, supermarkets, coffee shops, money changers and restos.  It's the main point to the nearest tourist destinations within KK.  

Climbing up the little steepy stairs from the alley, we were welcomed by a hand-written "Full House" on a Post-it sticked at the front door. Good thing we made the reservation a month ago. We got an airconditioned-family room with 4 single beds with own bathroom and TV and free coffee for MYR35/pax per night only.  

After getting settled, went out of the inn and figured out the map where Sri Melaka Resto is located for dinner.  We read about this restaurant from the blogs and there were a lot of good reviews.  Indeed, the food is great and the price is very reasonable! It was my first time to taste Laksa ( and had been eating it since then in my Penang, MY and Singapore trips).  We ordered some of their recommended menus and only spent MYR15 each.
Sri Melaka Restaurant
After a full and sweaty dinner, we trailed our steps back to the lodge and found the"PADINI" logo from afar!  There I knew then that I saw a MALL! We hurriedly walked along the main road just looking at the Suriah Sabah neon signs as it seems like a guiding star! Vincci is there and ON SALE! In less than an hour, I bought 10 pairs of shoes and animal print shades. 

Vincci made my first day in KK more exciting!

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