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N. Seoul Tower - When Locks of Love and Teddy Bears Collide

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Been hooked to K-Dramas since "Saved The Last Dance" starring Eugene (which airing in ABS-CBN I already forgot),  I've seen Namsam Park and N. Seoul Tower as one of the locations of K-Dramas.  One that I still remember is "Boys over Flowers" scenes where Jun Pyo was waiting for JanDi for their date which was a bit heartbreaking with snowdrops in that cold winter night. 

The other one was when they were trapped inside the cable car and how I wished I trapped with Lee Min Ho as well. hehe!  I got a picture in a coffee machine where Ji Hyo had coffee with JanDi on their date.  Also, I read about the Teddy Bear Museum from "Princess Hours" (other location is in Jeju Island)

taking the shots to experience the BOF drama

I've shared here how we climbed our way to the Cable car terminal to N. Seoul Tower and how the queue to the cable station was so long that we spent more than hour.

the way to the the top
We arrived N. Seoul Tower past 7pm and it was getting dark already that made the Seoul skyline more beautiful.  We headed to the observatory deck, unfortunately, the Teddy Bear Museum was already closed.  I've taken notes of the schedule and what can we do in N. Seoul Tower but I was so absorbed of  the beauty of the view around me that we just did what we thought were fun doing.

the artsy and funky finds at N. Seoul Tower
the breathtaking view from the top
enjoyed the warm hug from Teddy
Some information about N. Seoul Tower
 - its 236.7M high from the peak of Namsam
 - built in 1971 as a broadcasting tower
 - with extension of the observation deck, it was made open to the public since 1980
 - on the 4th floor is a rotating deck for a full view of Seoul
 - there is also the teddy bear museum that re-enacts the development story of Seoul in teddy bears

For more info, check it out from their official website.

More than feasting my eyes to the best view of Seoul, I found that N. Seoul Tower is like a haven for lovers! Love is in the air everywhere and it could be awkward coming there alone - beware to single women, it's like putting some salt to an injury!  

     * Cheesy Message Board - you can write anything and in any artistic way or personal as you can
     * Locks of Love Tree - for lovers to lock or seal their love in seoul (i'm not sure if this is really effective huh!
Locks of Love - at that time I was just contented having a photo with it..
maybe next time,i'll lock my own love key. =)
how to get there:
1. chungmuro stn (subway line 3 or 4) then exit 2. take bus 2 (8:00-24:00/5min intervals) or bus 5 (7:30-23:50/15min intervals)
2. itaewon stn (subway line 6) then exit 4. take bus3 (8:00-23:00/10min intervals)

another tip: take subway line 4 to myeongdong stn and get out of exit 4 to the memorial plaza of no.3 tunnel. from there you can take the namsam omni elevator glass for free. you can enjoy the view until you reach the parking lot of namsam cable car
Our N. Seoul Tower experience will always be one of the memorable moments of our South Korea sojourn
For my 10-day-solo-travel on March 2013, though solo, I'd love to see N. Seoul Tower again

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