Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 4 in South Korea: Finding Treasures in Nami Island and Dongdaemun Night Shopping

Day 4 Itinerary:

06:00        Wake-Up Call
07:00        Departure Hongdae Hostel
08:00        Arrival Tapgong Park
08:30-10:00  Travel to Nami Island
10:00-17:00  Nami Island
17:00-19:30  Travel to Seoul
19:30-23:00  Night Shopping
24:00        Lights Off

Learned our lesson from the previous day "missing-our-bus" episode, we all set our cellphones to alarm at 6AM, KST (GMT +7).  Good decision as that made us get six seats in the shuttle bus to Nami Island even without reservation.  When the shuttle buses get all their reservations before 9:00am, they started to accommodate "chance passengers".  This is the most convenient way for us who had been walking, hopping and running for the last three days in South Korea.  Having slept at least four hours since Day 1, we took the travel time to Nami like paying off our sleep debt.  But should you wish to make it a bit of adventure and unload yourself of catching the bus or making reservation, try the subway. Byaheng Barok had it in details in her blog.

Nami is the whip cream of our trip (the cherry is Full house).  Coming to the place is like finding your sanctuary in Korea.  The trees, the landscape, the artsy and funky stuffs and the  variety of activities that the island can offer would make a tourist to come back a.g.a.i.n.

Read more how I enjoyed Nami so much that I'm planning to stay overnight when I go back to Korea again.  Check it here.

From Nami, we arrived Seoul with not so inviting weather for more night walking tours. It was Saturday and Korea's weekend traffic did not discount us.  Our travel time took almost three hours.  Amidst the drizzling weather, we made it for night shopping at Dongdaemun Night Market and Migliore but found the stuffs more expensive than expected- almost same price with ZARA.

Going there: 
1. connected from exit 14 of dongdaemun station on subway line 2,4,& 7
2. take exit 8 of dongdaemun station on subway 1 &4

We went to other malls and there we found at the top floor the wholesale store for souvenirs.

(Unfortunately, I was not able to remember the name of the mall. When it comes to big, big sale, I tend not to notice things but only the big word S.A.L.E.)

my korean dolls and tea cups
We wrapped up our day going back to the hostel with bag full of souvenirs, including pasalubong for families and friends.

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