Monday, July 23, 2012

I Won!

when my travels won me a chic luggage, it was more than winning the grand prize of Lotto...
my little space in February-March 2012 Travel Mag

i never thought that my non-edited and non-photoshop raw photo entry submitted to Leisure+Adventure Travel December 2011-January 2012 Holiday Giveaway Promo will put my face and my name even for just a little space in the February-March 2012 edition of Travel mag. i felt more jubilant seeing my name on the colored spread of the magazine than seeing my name in the black and white newspaper of the CPA Board Exam results in 1999.

i bought the magazine because of the laksa picture and Penang on the cover in prep for my  vacation last March 2012. i wanted to know more about Penang and just bought the magazine. then i saw the promo to simply submit a picture and short description of my memorable holiday.

i immediately rummaged by external drive and selected without second thoughts my photo  at the Great Wall of China.
and on the 8th of February, i got a mail from Mega Publishing. I won!
it was a blissful moment. it was more than winning a lottery. it was surreal.

and with new luggage, i continue to travel, explore and experience the beauty of the world and the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the creations of God.

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