Monday, July 23, 2012

South Korea: Gastronomic Mis/Adventures

 when food is all about culture, history and tradition!

The language barrier made it difficult to us to choose the right food in Korea. But we still took all our might to try and feed ourselves.  My low tolerance to spicy and chili food did not allow me to appreciate authentic Korean food but it did not stop me from tasting
My First Try: Eat Like a Korea
when we arrived at Nami port, we immediately looked for some nice resto to eat. we did not that there are more choices in Nami. We looked at the restos nearby as a shining stars to save our grumbling stomach.
the lady cannot understand simple English so when she uttered "chicken", we nod our heads right away and point some pictures in the menu list which looked like a noodle. At the end, we ordered chicken and amazed how it was cooked and black cold noodles.
Eat Like a Korean
just the way I saw it in Korean Dramas
Beef Teriyaki Lunch at COEX
every food is served with kimchi and other side dishes

Korean-version of longganisa (or chorizo in Ilonggo)

Lea's dinner on our last night in Seoul

Seafood Delight
Joan's lunch at Lotte Mart, Incheon

My Comfort Food
Korean congee, my comfort to a feverishing night at Bukchon
My Feast in Seoul
Chicken And Beer in Myeongdong
After our palace adventures, we roamed Myeongdong to find more of good place to eat

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