Sunday, July 3, 2011

Itinerary Maker

i find fun and excitement in creating travel itineraries for friends and families for the countries that i had gone to already. i made several times for hongkong, singapore, bangkok and south korea. my itinerary is more of "personalised" because i based it on the location of accommodation from point of entry to point of exit. :-)

what do i consider in preparing itinerary:
  • accommodation - i do suggest cheap yet decent, clean and safe hostel. what i consider here is the value of money since you'll be out most of the day, having a place to sleep and to take a bath is enough. the place should be accessible to nearby subway or bus stop too. sometimes, i do consider the personalities of the travelers too - are you very particular to service and facilities of a hotel/hostel, traveling with group of same age, or with family or kids because i'm more of flash packer.
  • duration of the trip - how many days (inclusive), what are the places of interest so i can maximize the whole trip.
  • places to go - i do make suggestions of the places that are worth seeing and make some comments on the places that not worth going to. i also consider the group of travelers. if they are young and can go by an amazing-like of a trip, then i'd cater an itinerary to maximize the whole trip.
  • budget - i do share the tour fees and estimated expenses especially for budget travelers
more than preparing the itinerary, i look forward more on the feedback of the people who travel with my itinerary - did it help them find the places easily? is there any changes in the directions/landmarks? the appreciation is what matter most to me.

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