Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beijing Tour: Day 3 Wangfujing Street & Bird's Nest

On our third and officially the last full day in Beijing, we started off our mornings with different itinerary.

Anna went out of the city to attend her church service while the rest of us found our way to St. John Cathedral in Dongdan for the Palm Sunday Mass. 

Getting to St. John Cathedral
From Yonghegong Stn (Line 2), we get off in Dongdan Stn (Line 2) and transfer to Line 1 and get off in Wangfujing Stn (Line 1) just one station away. We then walked like 3kms to St. Joseph Cathedral church but we didn't feel tired because we saw the array of malls and boutiques of signature brands on the right while on the left is array of jewelry stores, electronics, flea market and famous Wangfujing street foods. It was like a one-stop-shop. The weather is cold seems like 7-10C and heavy winds -and we learned later on that it rained in Great Wall and slightly rain of snow. Good thing we scheduled our trip during our 1st day, otherwise, we did not see anything!

Of course, we first searched for the church. Indeed, just follow the star and you will find what you are searching for. =) And what i was looking for is a mall!!

the long stretch of Wangfujing Street

Amidst the tempting malls, boutiques and stores, we kept on walking until we found the church.   They have their own version of "palaspas" made out of pine trees and for FREE! It was a solemn mass though in Chinese language but somehow we managed to pray on our own, thanking God for a beautiful life I have.

St John Cathedral

After the mass, we had our breakfast in Mcdo and then went to the nearby flea market for a quick- 30 min-shopping!

Who can't miss Mcdo even in Beijing?

I recommend for a good place to buy souvenirs - Wangfujing Street!
Since we'd seen Bird's Nest at night, we decided to take a quick visit at day and had our photo souvenir of the famous Beijing landmark.

Getting there, we walked back to Wangfujing Stn (Line1) and transfer in Dongdan (Line 5). From Dongdan Stn, we took Line 5 going to Beituchengdonglu Stn to transfer in Line 10. From there, we get off in Xiongmaohuandao Stn to transfer to the Special Olympic Lane (Line 8) and get off in Olympic Green Stn. We took Exit D to National Stadium and had our quick photo-op.

We then headed back to our inn to meet Anna and check-out. We left our luggages in their storage area so we can continue with our tour. At 2PM, we checkout from Candy Inn and had our final lunch in the restaurant near Lama Temple. It was another bounty late lunch.

One thing I love in Beijing? - FOOD!


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