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El Nido & Puerto Princesa 5D/4N Itinerary

El Nido and Puero Princesa Itinerary
No. of Joiners: 4 (Me, Jesi, Anna and Khay)
Travel Period: July 11-15,2013 (5Days/4Nights)

Day 1: Arrival

07:35         ETD - NAIA 4 (Old Manila Domestic Airport) via ZestAir
8:35            ETA - Puerto Princesa Airport
10:35         ETD Puerto Princesa Terminal to El Nido via Eulen Joy Express (see links below)
13:35         Stop-over at Roxas for late lunch
16:00        ETA - El Nido Town Terminal
16:30        Check-In Marina Garden Beachfront Inn
                    Dinner at The Alternative

*Upon arrival, we took the tricycle for a 10-minute ride to Marina Garden Beachfront Inn.

Day 2: Island Hopping Tour C

06:30     Wake up Call
07:30     Breakfast (complimentary of Marina Garden)
09:00     Start of Tour C
               1st stop: Hidden Beach (where you can snorkel at the shallow water)
               2nd stop: Star Beach (where we had our lunch cooked and arranged by our tour guide, Kuya Felix and boatman, Kuya Dodong)
              3rd stop: We're supposed to go to Secret Beach but the waves were too strong to continue sailing.  (We found out the next day that there was an earthquake thus the unusual raging waves the other day)
              4th stop: Matinloc Shrine (where we climbed to the peak and got the best view of the horizon)
              5th stop: Kadlaw Lagoon
              6th stop: Helicopter Island (where we enjoyed snorkel that much and had to feed the fishes just to see them underwater and took a lot of pictures with them)

17:00     End of Tour C, Back to Marina Garden Beach Resort
                  *while killing some time until dinner, enjoyed sitting at the porch, at the hammock or just sitting at the plastic chairs at the front of the resort.
20:00      Dinner at El Nido Art Gallery Boutique    

Day 3: Island Hopping Tour A

07:00    Wake Up Call
08:00     Breakfast (complimentary of Marina Garden)
09:00    Start of Tour A
                 1st Stop: The Small Lagoon (where you can swim from the main, small entrance to the lagoon)
                 2nd Stop: The Big Lagoon (we did not stop actually but only a detour as the lagoon is not safe for an amateur swimmers like us.  According to our tour guide, the water is as deep as the Barracuda Lake in Coron which we described as "bottomless".
                3rd Stop:  Simizu Island (where we had our lunch.  It is named after the two Japanese who attemped to make a tunnel at the bottom of the rock formation but eventually died due to lack of oxygen)
                4th Stop: Secret Lagoon and Secret Beach (it was so pristine and perfect for an overnight camping)
               5th Stop:  7 Commando Beach (a long stretch of shoreline perfect for swimming; there's a store there for a quick stop of coffee for us and beer and cocktails drinks for some foreign tourists.  A resort/hotel is currently in construction)

17:00    End of Tour A, Back to Marina Garden
19:00    Dinner at The Altrove (initially wanted at SeaSlugs but we're # 8 in queue for the food to be served)

Day 4: Departure from El Nido

07:00   Wake Up Call
08:00    Breakfast
09:30    Travel to El Nido Van Terminal to Puerto Princesa
11:00    Departure El Nido
14:00    Arrival Roxas for late lunch
16:00    Arrival Puerto Princesa Terminal
16:30     Check-In Duchess Pension
16:30     Quick Tour for Pasalubong at Baker's Hill and Pasalubong Market
18:00     Dinner at Ugong Rock

Day 5: Departure from Puerto Princesa

09:35   ETD Puerto Princesa

10:35   ETA NAIA 4 (Old Domestic Airport)


Contact Details:

Travel Agencies:
Travel Mode Ventures (who arranged for our tour through Anna)
Contact: Mr. Vincent -Ray Hallig (09165033123/09998664046)

La Tiara Tours (partner travel agency in Puerto Princesa, Palawan)
Contact: (048) 4342240/0917-8094509/0917-841-4510

Note: Pre-arranged package tour is advisable for group of minimum pax of 4.  If less than 4, I suggest you arrange separately for your van transfers, accommodation and island hopping.


El Nido - Marina Garden Beachfront Inn
Puerto Princesa - Duchess Pension

Van Transfers:

Eulen Joy Express - you can arrange on your own transfers from/to El Nido.
Contact Nos.: Booking Office (09399459888); Operator (09051052370)

Daily Trip From Puerto Princesa City Airport To El Nido


•1st Trip - 05:00 am

•2nd Trip - 07:00 am

•3rd Trip - 09:00 am

•4th Trip - 11:00 am

•5th Trip - 01:00 pm

•6th Trip - 03:00 pm (Depends on volume of passenger)

•Last Trip- 06:00 pm

Van Rates - Van Transfer per person/pax

•Php. 500 - From San Jose Terminal Puerto Princesa City to El Nido Terminal and Vice Versa (Terminal to Terminal)

•Php. 600 - Pick - up Airport to El Nido terminal & Vice versa, (Airport to terminal or Terminal to Airport)

  **************************************************************************************************** Credits:   Anna for arranging the tour and to Khay and Jesi for the fun, laughter and pictures!
Jesi, Anna, Me and Khay

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