Friday, March 8, 2013

Six Safety Tips That I Should Remember: My Countdown to 10 Days In South Korea's my first time for a purely pleasure yet on budget trip on my own and gone are the perks of business class but less fun that official business trips provide.. 

one thing that I need to make sure -


six days to go and there are six safety tips that I should remember based from the posts of my two favorite bloggers: Christine of GrrrlTraveler and Aleah of Solitary Wanderer

1. Keep in touch with others every day! 
-  with facebook, instagram, skype, viber and emails as my medium to update my loved ones, especially my parents, i won't make them worry that much about my solo travel for the first time. as shared by aleah, i will be sharing my itinerary with the contact details of the places that i will be staying with to my parents. i also promised to contact them every day. :-)

2. Show confidence as you explore the place but also listen to your instincts.

- knowing about the place beforehand make it more easy to familiarize so just like what i did in 2010, i prepared all the details of my destinations. this somehow could prevent me from getting lost but i'm sure i can sense people who are safe to ask for help.  Of course, vigilance and being observant are the keys to be able to listen to your instincts.

3. Avoid dark streets at night.
 - it's basically a common sense. and for sure, i won't be staying late at night outside except for my scheduled night shopping in seoul.

4. Keep extra copies of documents and IDs
- i'd have all my IDs (Driver's, SSS) and Passport photocopied for extra copies if requested for my accommodation and save copies in my emails as well.  i have saved copies of my tickets in my ipad fileapp as well.

5. Keep safe my money (don't bring much cash for each day's trip)- since i'm going solo, the more i should keepsafe my money. might as well carry my ATM and credit card which I should coordinate with my bank to ensure I could use them in South Korea.

6. Have the FAITH!- i always lift up my safety to God (while driving, while flying up air, while at work, anywhere) and i'm sure i will still be in His Safe Hands as I explore more of the world on my own.

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