Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 6 in South Korea: Best Buys at Nandaemun Market

Day 6: Last Day in South Korea

08:00         Wake-up call
09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast in Bukchon Guesthouse
10:00 - 15:00 Off to Nandaemun and Lotte World for last day shopping
15:00 - 17:00 Check-out and final wrap-up
17:00         Leave Seoul thru Airbus
18:00         Arrival Incheon International Airport/Check-In
21:35         ETD IIA via Cebupacific
00:35         ETA NAIA 3

After breakfast, we packed our luggages ready for our departure to Manila that night. But we still had last one thing to do in our list- flea shopping! The rain could not stop us in going to the flea market. So armed with our jackets and umbrellas, and some shopping bags, we walked down the street to the nearby Anguk Station. 

     Our destination - NANDAEMUN MARKET
     To Do - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G

We woke up late than our usual wake-up call due to the drizzling weather and the comfortable sleep that Ondol mat gave us.

Ondol mat - traditional Korean sleeping mat
Two of my friends (who can cook unlike me) were already preparing our breakfast. In bukchon guesthouse, everything in the fridge is yours! From ham to egg, up to tea or coffee on the table,you can eat as much as you want for breakfast. 
the chef and the eaters

Nandaemun Market is the famous flea market in Seoul (like our own Divi in Manila). It was designated as a tourist zone by Seoul City Government after a statistics of 46.5% foreign visits in 2008. The market is famous for garments especially for ladies but we bought a lot of souvenir items like korean dolls, key chains, magnets and other display items. Also, imagine having faceshop in 168 or primeblock! haha!

along one of the market alleyways in Nandaemun Market
When we got there, we split the group so everyone can go around and buy things they wanted. We agreed to meet at a certain time in a certain place. This is my advice for those traveling in group. In shopping, we do have different tastes and preferences so rather than tagging everyone, split into groups and go around the market/mall on your own but just strictly stick to the agreed time. that's the rule! =)

how to get to nandaemun:
Nandaemun Market Gate 6 : Line 4 to Hoehyeon Station (Nandaemun Market) and take Exit #5

Nandaemun Map from Visit Korea Tourism website

A quick tip that I got from VKT website

After our quick but fulfilling (literally means overflowing souvenirs and emptied wallets!hehehe) shopping in Nandaemun, we then decided to continue our shopping spree. Anna and Joan went back to dongdaemun market while Vian, Lea, Ai and I went to Lotte Mart to buy some korean noodles and chocolates.

how to get to dongdaemun market:
exit 9 of dongdaemun station on subway line 1 & 4.

how to get to lotte:
connected to exit 4 of jamsil station on subway line 2

Unfortunately, that day was like a "mall holiday" and the department store was closed so we spent more in the supermarket instead. but the mall had this venetian themed display so we took another picture like we're in macau. =)
at Lotte Mart

For more shopping must-see in South Korea, check out Visit Korea Tourism website.

It was nearly 3PM when we went back to Bukchon Guesthouse so we hurriedly packed our shopped items.  Before we left, we had our photo taken with the owner. Will post this in their wall when I see Korea again.

with the owner
We then marched down the street to the bus stop pullling our trolleys with shopping bags on the other hand and waited for airport bus 6011 to Incheon International Airport.

that ends our trip in seoul!

More than the cherry blossoms and maple trees, i learned to love the city not because of their movie dramas or k-idols but because of the parks, their crafts, how they preserve their tradition and culture (maintaining the palaces in the center of the city), their truly being nationalistic (you can't see other brand of cars than their own manufactured vehicles only) and skinfood, of course =)

..and at the airport, we met some kababayans and Olyssa, of course, whom I still have contact with via Facebook.

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