Saturday, June 19, 2010

South Korea Spring/Summer Trip: Arrival Incheon International Airport

We left Manila's NAIA 3 on May 19, 2010 at 15:55 via and arrived at Incheon International Airport @ 20:55 SK Time, one hour behind Manila time. Upon arrival, we took the train coach for 5-min trip to the Immigration Hall.  It was almost midnight so there were few passengers at the airport. 

Incheon International Airport
Bring with you your other government-issued IDs such as SSS, Drivers’ or PRC. The immigration officers might ask randomly. Make sure that you also know at least some places to go or better yet, familiarize your itinerary. I was told that there are random interrogations of foreigners at the Immigration office. 

We passed through the immigration smoothly. We then collected our luggages and then converted some USD to KRW (I suggest that you should bring USD rather than PHP as there’s quite difference in exchange currencyof PHP=KRW than USD=KRW. However, if you have excess KRW going back to Manila, have it converted to PHP, the exchange rate is higher. You'll have FOREX gain!! =). 

After asking for Seoul Metro Map from the Airport Tourist Information , we went out of Exit 12 and looked for Exit12A, then took Bus No 6002 going to Seoul.
one of the city lights on our way to seoul captured by Lea
We traveled for an hour and a half and arrived Seoul past 23:00.  The shimmering and glittering view from the bus at the midst of  the chilly night were fascinating and we couldn't dare to take a nap.  We got off the bus on the third stop, Hongdae. One thing I want to commend and did not expect was the  very helpful bus driver (did not experience that neither in Hongkong or Singapore). He helped us lift our luggage from the bus and put them on the curb and point to us the Hongdae building across the drop-off point where Hongdae Guesthouse is located.
along the street of hongdae
From the bus stop, we just crossed the street to Dunkin Donut’s building where Hongdae Guesthouse is located at the 3rd Floor. Mary, our landlady, was kind enough to wait for us for us even at a very late scheduled flight from Manila.

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